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Outstanding leadership can make a significant difference in the performance of economies and of societies. In research related to management, business, and finance, the concepts of leadership and management have come to be synonymous. However, while the two are complementary and essential for success, they are different. Building both leadership and management capacity in Canada is essential to ensuring the country has the talent to sustain productivity and a high standard of living.
The Government of Canada’s 2007 Budget acknowledged the important role of research in developing business and managerial proficiency, capability and aptitude through funding to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) for this purpose. SSHRC has in turn, consulted widely with the research community and stakeholders to develop a long-term strategy in this area. As part of this larger effort, SSHRC asked the Council of Canadian Academies to conduct an independent assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of management, business, and finance research in Canada. 

With the publication of its report in May 2009, the Expert Panel on Management, Business, and Finance Research found that the most significant identified weakness in Canadian management, business, and finance research is its lack of explicit relevance and usefulness to potential end users. Insufficient communication between Canadian researchers and business practitioners may reflect this perceived lack of relevance. The panel noted that this absence of contact reduces the likelihood that researchers will be motivated to take up research that is relevant to potential users.  

In January 2010 the Council, in collaboration with SSHRC, hosted a brown bag lunch session to further discuss the Panel’s findings. Panel members David Zussman (Chair), Peter Aucoin, Robert Brooks, Sheila Brown, and John McArthur were in attendance to discuss their work…more…

Assessment question

What are the overall, identifiable, strengths and weaknesses of the university-based research community in the areas of management, business and finance, broadly defined, according to appropriate indicators?


Report and supplementary materials

Expert Panel membership

The Expert Panel on Management, Business, and Finance Research convened in summer 2008 and was chaired by Dr. David Zussman, Commissioner of the Public Service Commission of Canada.

For a complete list of panel members visit the Expert Panel Management, Business, and Finance Research Membership page.

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